Tuuum is the first transparent, user-driven marketplace for art.

Tuuum’s artist-centric philosophy gives artists the reins and ensures the highest quality of work for buyers. Tuuum works with ‘artist connectors’ (art insiders, artists, critics, curators, etc.) who hand pick artists and bring them into the network. Artists are provided with the tools to showcase, sell and track their work in the primary and secondary markets and gain exposure. They are also able to expand their network by inviting other artists to join up. Invitations are linked to commissions to encourage selectivity and to build an extra level of earning; when an artist sells a work, the inviter receives a small percentage of the proceeds. On Tuuum, artists are in control; they can freely set prices, steer the community and make new connections.

First time and experience buyers can find reasonably priced work by up and coming artists at varied prices and styles to fit their taste and budget. By choosing to buy art on Tuuum they are not only acquiring unique pieces but directly supporting artists. For the first time ever, collectors are able to re-list their purchases and sell them on to other Tuuum users. This unique opportunity along with the system’s overall transparency and quality level, facilitates the initial decision to purchase art and in turn stimulates the primary market. Resales also pay out a 5% perpetual royalty to the artist, so everyone benefits.

Tuuum’s vision is to approach the art world transversally and shake at its core by introducing a revolutionary arts discovery model that supports contemporary artistic practice and reorients currently established, and archaic, distribution systems.

Learn more about how Tuuum works here.

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