How it works

Collecting art on Tuuum is an engaging experience of discovery and social interaction.

Whether you are a seasoned buyer or an aspiring collector, on Tuuum you will experience art in a unique new way. On your profile page you will be able to build a virtual collection and display your own personal collection of artwork purchased on Tuuum. You will also have the opportunity to interact with artists and other collectors, and discover the latest artistic movements from around the world. Tuuum is both market place and meeting place, an agora for buying, sharing and appreciating art.

Tuuum’s secondary market allows you to make offers on work owned by other collectors or resell art you previously purchased on Tuuum.

Once you purchase an artwork in the primary market, it enters the secondary market. This change of status is reflected as a new addition to your personal collection and as a movement from the primary market portfolio to the secondary market portfolio of the artist. You will have the option to make artwork in your personal collection available for resale. Secondary market transactions are an opportunity for you to test the market potential of artists in your collection and drive up demand. Resales also help the artist who created the work by paying out a perpetual royalty of 5% on all successive transactions.

Only original works of art under $5000 are sold in Tuuum's primary market.

In the primary market only original works of art under $5000 are available in one of the following media: drawing, painting, photography, print or mixed media. Video, Sculpture and other media are not included at this time.

Tuuum offers collectors a trial period of 10 days on all primary market sales.

Collectors have 10 days to return the artwork for a full refund (shipping & handling fees excluded), no questions asked.

All artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

The Certificate of Authenticity is provided to the buyer by the artist and should accompany the artwork on all future resales.

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