How it works

Artists can only join by invitation.

To sell your work on Tuuum you must either receive an invitation from a fellow artist or from an Artist Connector.

Artist Connectors are individuals selected by Tuuum to help build artist communities in cities around the world.

Only individual artists can create artist accounts on Tuuum, no galleries or other market intermediaries can make sales on an artist’s behalf.

Each artist is granted one free invitation upon registration.

Once you’ve received an invitation and completed the registration process, you are granted one invitation that you can use to invite another artist.

Your success as an agent and gatekeeper of Tuuum will depend on the appeal of the artists you choose to invite. Select artists that attract buyers; you will earn a commission on all their future sales on the platform. Their first sale will unlock another invitation for you to use to extend your network and earnings.

Artists support artists through a community-driven rewards system*.

By passing on a small portion of your earnings to the artists that invited you on Tuuum (as the artists that you invite will pass on commissions to you), you are helping build a strong and sustainable market in which the success of individual artists is intertwined with the success of the community as whole.

*For example let’s assume Kate invites Matt, Matt invites Alex, Alex invites Zach and Zach invites Chloe. When Chloe sells an artwork, Zach (1st degree connection) receives 6%, Alex (2nd degree connection) receives 3%, Matt (3rd degree connection) gets 2%, and Kate (4th degree connection) receives 1%.

Tuuum offers artists and collectors a secondary market for resales.

Once the artwork is purchased in the primary market, it enters the secondary market. This change of status will be reflected as a movement from the primary market portfolio to the secondary market portfolio of the artist and as a new addition to the collector’s personal collection. Any resale of the artwork thereafter will be considered a secondary market transaction. The secondary market helps artists both professionally and financially by providing them with a way to track their work in the market over time and to receive royalties on resales. Referral rewards no longer apply in the secondary market but all resales carried out on Tuuum pay a perpetual royalty of 5% to the artist who created the work.

Users can interact using Tuuum's community / social features.

Tuuum goes beyond the traditional sense of a market platform, building a bridge of exchange and social interaction between artist and collector, creator and buyer. Artists can expand their professional network, meet and appreciate fellow artists, follow collectors and share their work in the primary and secondary markets. Collectors can discover artists, share their favorite artwork, follow artists and other collectors and interact with the community. Tuuum is both market place and meeting place, an agora for discovering, sharing, appreciating and interacting with art.

Only original works of art under $5000 can be sold in Tuuum's primary market.

In the primary market you can only sell original works of art under $5000 in one of the following media: drawing, painting, photography, print or mixed media. Video, Sculpture and other media are not included at this time.

At any given time, at least three works in an artist's primary market must be below $1000.

When you first create your profile, you will be able to upload up to ten artworks. Three must be below $1000 and the rest can be anywhere below $5000. Every time you sell an artwork, three new slots will become available to upload additional artworks at any price point below $5000. This potentially gives you an unlimited number of slots that increases in proportion to your sales.

All artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

The Certificate of Authenticity is provided to the buyer by the artist based on Tuuum’s Certificate of Authenticity template and should accompany the artwork on all future sales.

Tuuum offers collectors a trial period of 10 days on all primary market sales.

Collectors have 10 days to return the artwork for a full refund (shipping & handling fees excluded).

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