Lori Nelson

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Hometown:Ft. Collins, Colorado
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, University Of Utah
Exhibitions:Tiny Trifecta, 2013, Cotton Candy Machine, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Enlightenment: Conspiracies, 2013, Outlet Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn
Next Generation, Solo Exhibit, 2013, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn
Playtime, 2013, Urban Arts & Media Organisation, Munich, Germany
Coverage, Solo Exhibition, 2012, AHA Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn
Artist Statement:
I sometimes arrive at the edge of the East River and examine what has been hauled up onto the banks of that old garbage dump hidden under a ribbon of water. I gather one hundred year old china shards, rounded factory bricks, chicken-wire glass. Refuse is relic. Technology is like a giant city, and the refuse that piles up, physical and digital, must be examined too. Our techno garbage doesn't disappear today any more than garbage did 100 years ago. The human story is written in garbage.

I am a Utahn living in New York City going on ten years now. The spirit of self-sufficiency and homemaking of my Mormon upbringing is something that has followed me to New York. I currently paint in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn.
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