Aderyn Wood

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Current City:New York, NY
Education:MFA, Pratt Institute
BFA, Northern Illinois University
Medium:Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture, Video
Exhibitions:Inside Outside In, 2013, Iota Projects And Pop Up Art Shop | NYC
100 NYC Artists, 2013, Galeria De Diseño Casa Prado | Barranquilla, Colombia
Online Exhibition, 2013, Balaclava Gallery | UK
Fotofluxo 2012, 2012, Projection In Public Spaces | Rio Grande, Brazil
Virion, 2012, Biennial Art Exhibition | Brisbane, Australia
Artist Statement:
By dissecting the fabricated environment – tangible and cognitive – I investigate manifestations burrowed in my material present – geographic, social, and anthropological, each with a psychological emphasis. This assemblage is a convergence between what has been ascribed to me and what I deem fit for dismantling... Perhaps never resolved, nor ruined, but merely rearranged.


Founder of The Project Relay

NYC Artist Connector with Tuuum
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