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Current City:Berlin, DE
Education:MFA, Comparative Literature And Croatian Language And Literature, University Of Zagreb
Exhibitions:B Is For Body, 2013, Gray Gallery, AKC Madika, Zagreb
B Is For Body, 2013, Gallery Garbas, Rijeka
B Is For Body, 2014, Kriterion, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
B Is For Body, 2014, Materra Mesto, Novi Sad, Serbia
B Is For Body, 2014, Suzie Fu, Berlin, Germany
Artist Statement:
If I could try to gather the main motive I pursuit in photography, then that motive would be Beauty. Photography gave me a language that can most clearly and honestly express how I feel about the world, how I see it and what can I do / want / need to give back. At the same time, by stopping time which in the real world irreversibly passes, it seems to me that in that tiny fraction of a second, by holding breath and moving just one finger, I surpass transience, loss and death.

Ines Kotarac was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, grew up in Croatia and lives in Berlin. She studied Croatian language and literature and Comparative literature, worked as an art journalist and as a lexicographer, but her main domain for the last few years is analog photography. Her exhibition "B is for Body" was shown in Zagreb, Rijeka, Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Berlin. She published her work in Defeated Magazine, Quorum and Frrresh Magazine. In September 2014 she got a grant from European Cultural Foundation (Step Beyond Program) to finish her series "Drops against Oblivion (or looking for the lost Homeland)".
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