Defi Gagliardo

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Hometown:Villa Urquiza, AR
Current City:Buenos Aires, AR
Medium:Animation, Installation, Painting, Sculpture, Textile
Exhibitions:Swab, 2013, Bercelona
Gachi Prieto Galery, 2013, Buenos Aires
Saba, 2010, Francia
Choque Cultural, 2012, Sao Paulo
A-part, 2012, London
Defi Gagliardo, was born in Villa real, Buenos Aires, into a traditional Italian family living in a small neighborhood in a cosmopolitan city. He studied design at the University of Buenos Aires, but his flammable spirit burned beyond the limits of academia, where it nurtured itself in the beginning, later transgressing them and creating Fase with other artists, a movement that synthesizes illustration, motion graphics and music. Around 2001, he played an important part in the birth of Street Art in Argentina, which emerged as a medium of direct communication with the spectator in a time of crisis. While the street is his natural environment, his work achieves its potential when his many creations are exhibited in a single gallery space.
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