Pablo Denegri

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Hometown:Buenos Aires, AR
Current City:Berlin, DE
Medium:Performance, Sound, Video
Artist Statement:
I´m interested in the correlation between communication and art. Critical and analytical thinking allows us to understand the complexity of our contemporary society, from the mayor social and technological changes to the nucleus of human practices and aesthetic productions.

Pablo Denegri is communicator in visual arts, videoartist and electronic musician. In 2004 he founded Tekhne, an artist collective for audiovisual research and experimentation, with which he presented performances like Tekhne No TV at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. He participated at exhibitions and festivals related to art and technology, and worked with internationally renowned artists like Antoni Muntadas or Jorge La Ferla, pioneer in Argentinian video art. Since 2011 he runs the electronic music label Aula Magna Records. He lives and works in Berlin since 2012, where he also collaborates with several local art galleries.
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