Max Gleason

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Current City:Santa Ynez, CA
Education:BFA, Rhode Island School Of Design
Artist Statement:
Perhaps our mortal lifespan is merely a temporal perception of an infinite energy field.


Before Birth • After Death

Consciousness as an energy field.

Cultivating a new visual language of religious media in order to access that infinite energy field.
Going beyond that mere temporal perception.

Aaron Maximilian Gleason was born in the Southern California desert in 1979.
At the age of 8 his family moved to the Dirty South (Atlanta), where he spent his formative years. There he studied under painter Raul Miyar for 4 years.
In 1998 Max moved to Providence, RI to attend Rhode Island School of Design. There he received a BFA in Sculpture, while also pursuing painting and film/video practices.
Max has spent his professional career in New York City and Los Angeles. In 2016 he moved to Santa Ynez, CA where he now lives and works.
He has been included in a number of group shows around the US, including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta, as well as a solo show at Petra Projects in NYC in 2007.
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