Ray Sell

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Hometown:Pomona, New York
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, School Of Visual Arts
Medium:Mixed Media
Exhibitions:Line Of Fire, 2011, Blue Leaf Gallery
Stand Yer Ground, 2010, Leo Kesting Gallery
Ya Gotta Be Tough, 2009, Leo Kesting Gallery
Cutlass, 2011, Parlor Gallery
Artist Statement:
Working on small collages and paintings, Ray describes the concept of masculine traits depicting the effect media plays upon our collective psyche. Appropriating vintage imagery which he re-invents as paintings with bold contrasting color schemes, strong use of layering and diagonal lines that cut through his canvas, Ray’s work keeps the viewer’s eyes engaged at all times.

Ray Sell received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Ray’s artwork has been displayed in New York, Miami, Asbury Park and Ireland. He has received critical acclaim from New York Magazine’s July 2009 issue, the July issue of L Magazine, June 2008 issue of ArtCards, the 2008 preview for the Miami Basel shows in Forbes Magazine and the Dec 2007 Art Basel Review in the Economist.
Primary Market
Ray Sell $1200
Mixed Media
Ray Sell $1600
Mixed Media
Ray Sell $800
Mixed Media
Ray Sell $500
Mixed Media
Ray Sell $700
Mixed Media
Ray Sell $3200
Mixed Media
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