Charles Francis Antoine

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Hometown:Watertown, Massachusetts
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:MFA, Pratt Institute
BFA, Brandeis University
Medium:Mixed Media
Artist Statement:
In my paintings ethereal modulations of hand made rust water solutions work with acrylic color to engage the canvas surface and build floating realms outside of gravity and everyday space. The ethereal modulations of subtle color and organic form reflect certain values of Japanese Shinto and Taoism that relate to an exploration of the understated power, beauty, and rhythms of nature. The more carefully calculated, inscribed graphite lines in turn, touch upon modern design aesthetics.

After completing a dual bachelors degree in Japanese Studies and Painting at Brandeis University, Charles Antoine spent six years teaching and making art in various locations across Japan, where he explored a cultural aesthetic and way of seeing that continues to influence his art making to this day. Charles Antoine has shown his work at many highly regarded venues including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Roseville Center for the Arts, Sacramento CA, and the Cheongju City Art Studio, South Korea to name but a few. His artwork is included in numerous private collections throughout North America and Asia. Antoine completed his MFA in painting and drawing at Pratt Institute. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and teaches painting.
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