Daisuke Doi

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Hometown:Okayama, JP
Current City:Berlin, DE
Education:MFA, Hiroschima City University
MFA, Hiroschima City University
Medium:Drawing, Mixed Media
Artist Statement:
Daisuke Doi has always been strongly influenced by the Taoist teachings of Laozi, specifically,
his ideas of formless forms and imageless images. He takes this as both the starting and end point of all his work, which includes painting, sculpture and drawing. One can otherwise
describe the influence of these teaching for Daisuke as a form that acts as content.

Born 1986 in Kanazawa, Japan

04, 2005 - 03, 2009 Hiroshima City University / special study: sculpture
04, 2009 - 03, 2011 master’s course, Hiroshima City University
09, 2009 - 07, 2010 Exchange study, Alanus University, Bonn, Germany

since 10, 2015 Studies in Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, Sculptor Department.
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