Jacopo Pannocchia

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Hometown:Macerata, IT
Current City:Macerata, IT
Education:MFA, Accademy Of Fine Arts Macerata (It)
Exhibitions:Drawings, 2009, Roxy Bar, Macerata (IT)
Engraving And Sculptures, 2009, Opera Buffa Pesaro (IT)
ART DAY, 2010, Terminal, Macerata (IT)
Biennale Giovani Artisti Marchigiani, 2011, Sala Foresi, Civitanova Marche (IT)
Campus La Scena Artistica Emergente Italiana, 2011, Centro Arte Contemporanea, Bellinzona, Svizzera.
Artist Statement:
The path of the research that I have faced over the past two years, is a sculptural gesture on the path of the incision ,of the incision , of the digging, the search through the obsession with scratch dry , as a brand , which goes in search of what may I’ll never find , the sign of time. This research is not meant to be decorative , but hard, dry, merciless , cruel ; Through the sign I’m going to try the trace of existence, and this work brings me to a graphic torment (...)

Jacopo Pannocchia was born in 1987. Visual and sound artist. He graduated from the Art Institute of Macerata (2006) and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata in the section of sculpture (2014). His artistic career is based on research of various artistic techniques in particular on the engraving and sculpture. It specializes in printmaking with a master degree from the printing house "Il Bulino" by Sergio Pandolfini in Rome (2013). He exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. It also a drummer in groups Post-Punk, Noise, Hardcore (Cyberpork, Tagliabuio, Morsura). In 2010 he founded together with the artist-performer Franko B, the band punk improvisation AT NIGHT WE CRY with concerts in Italy and in England.
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