Stephanie Mead

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Hometown:Dallas, TX / San Diego, CA
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, San Diego State University
Medium:Mixed Media
Exhibitions:Selected Works Exhibited By NYFA & Warburg Realty, 2013, The Park Imperial, 230 West 56th, NYC
Selected Artwork Exhibited, 2014, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Lower East Side
Group Exhibition, 2011, 3rdEye(Sol)ation Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Selected Work, Winner Of Juror's Choice Award, 2010, Museum Of The Living Artist, San Diego CA
Artist Statement:
Stephanie Mead's artwork is an imaginative response to her changing environments. Her colorful mixed-media paintings explore the elements of design and relations between various mediums. Each artwork begins on a backdrop of Arches watercolor paper and grows to life as embellished layers are carefully added. Hand-drawn images, prints, collage, acrylic, oil, and ink all make their way into Mead's compositions.

Each artwork for sale comes certified & ready-to-hang with an artist-built frame.

Born in California in 1986, Stephanie Mead studied art throughout her life, creating drawings and paintings from an early age. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Art History in 2008 in San Diego. Mead's work explores a unique mixed media technique and reflects the layers of her life experiences. Most recently, Stephanie Mead was selected as Artist of the Year on R.L. Gibson's blog, "Art and Art Deadlines", and is also an artist recognized by New York Foundation for the Arts.
Mead is currently working from her studio in Brooklyn and attends the Art Students League of New York.
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