Andrei Ciurdarescu

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Hometown:Cluj-Napoca, RO
Current City:Cluj-Napoca, RO
Education:BFA, 2007 - University Of Art And Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
MFA, 2009 - University Of Art And Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Medium:Drawing, Painting
Exhibitions:PSYCHOTIC SUBSTITUTE, 2012, Personal Exhibition At Visualkontakt LAB Gallery, Oradea, Romania
NATIONALISMUS, 2011, Personal Exhibition At Visualkontakt Gallery, Ulm, Germany
VANGUARDIA Y PERIFERIA, 2014, Group Exhibition At La Neomudéjar - Centro De Artes De Vanguardia Y Residencia Artistica International, Madrid, Spain
CUTTING EDGE II PROJECT, 2013, Group Exhibition At Museum Of Art Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
IL COLORE COME SOSTANZA, GREEN AND BROWN PROJECT, 2013, Group Exhibition At Accademia Di Belle Arti Macerata, Macerata, Italy
Artist Statement:
The themes I choose to address usually go around the concept of personal living space. I exploit images or fragments of collective and/or individual memory which do not refer to particular objects or situations. My works are usually modular and have multiple ways of assembly and interpretation.

Both in individual and in collective creative works, one can often find composition schemes which occur fully by chance or chaotically. How we distribute most everyday items in our private space is usual

Andrei Ciurdarescu was born in Orastie, Hunedoara, in 1984, lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Madrid, Spain.
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