Alexey Adonin

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Hometown:Minsk, BY
Current City:Jerusalem, IL
Education:BFA, A. K. Glebov 's Arts College (Minsk, Belarus).
Exhibitions:Dream I, 2018, Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem, IL
Strange And Unusual, 2017, Zadic Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
Kosmoport Jerusalem, 2016, Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem, IL
Desert, 2015, Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem, IL
Reflected Worlds, 2014, Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem, IL
Artist Statement:
Alexey Adonin’s paintings are at the intersection of abstraction and surrealism. The layered shapes of color ambiguously represent landscapes and castle-like structures, which appear isolated and far off into the distance, as if we are staring at a mirage that could disappear at any moment. His work projects an inherent tension, with a clear center point in each painting around which every element revolves and impels from.

Jerusalem based abstract-surreal painter, Alexey Adonin, was born in Slutsk, Belarus 1973. He graduated in 1993 from the State Art College named after A. K. Glebov, Minsk, Belarus. In the same year he has immigrated to Israel. Adonin has exhibited internationally. His work has also been acquired by notable private collections worldwide.
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