Benjamin King

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Hometown:Chapel Hill, NC
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:MFA, University Of Chicago
BFA, School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago
Exhibitions:You Are Leaving, 2012, Galerie Laroche Joncas
Artist Statement:
I bully and beg my way through these paintings. The process is extremely improvisational within a finite set of rules. Snow is white, trees are brown and gray, rivers are blue, there are no humans or technology. My intention is not to depict something seen, but to create approximations of seen things, then combine them in ways that have overlapping meaning. I feel like this translation is a way to make things that outwardly seem familiar, but upon further inspection become very unfamiliar.

I grew up around science. My parents are both bio-psychologists who study animal behavior and child development. That background pushed me in the direction of art. I went to school in Chicago, and now live in Brooklyn New York with my wife and two sons. I also have a curatorial project called HKJB where I organize short pop up exhibitions in New York and elsewhere.
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