Charles Luce

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Hometown:Phoenix, Arizona
Current City:New York, NY
Medium:Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Exhibitions:Istituto Di Licht Di Arte, 2012, Florence, Italy
Estrada Fine Arts, 2010, Los Angeles, Ca
Silhouettes (curated By Bill Carroll), 2013, New York, Ny
Artist Statement:
My ultimate interest is to develop visual and conceptual models that allow the viewer (and, of course, myself) to discover something about their relationship to the cosmos.

Discovery is about finding something that stands separate from its surroundings—seeing ‘the edge’ or finding the shift or anomaly within the surrounding contextual ‘fabric.’

Grants: EAP Grant 1989
Art Matters Grant 1989
John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship 1991

Sally Heller 6/86 (taken from—108/ An East Village Review)
“Luce’s new work is an eclectic collection of images, words and objects described through a unique and personal vocabulary that destroys any preconceived understanding we have of our surroundings. Luce attains this transformation by introducing new contexts to the mundane images in an almost semiotic fashion.

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