Ian Carpenter

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Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, Sarah Lawrence College
Artist Statement:
In my paintings, I am trying to find a sublime perspective, informed by the—in distant memories of visited or imagined places—or by the way nature and the human world engage each other. Aspects of these things appear in light, shadow, steel, skin, concrete, glass, sky, sea and earth. I like to compose fresh protean improvisations with playful color, giving birth to curious figments and phantasms—what comes out depends on the weather; the weather in one's mental coordinates at any given time and

Ian Carpenter was born in Thailand. He grew up overseas experiencing multiple cultures and their visual arts. When recollecting primary art influences from his early years, Carpenter vividly remembers various colorful paintings from the Caribbean, Asia, South America, and Europe. In 2005, Carpenter returned to painting with a new-found respect and passion. Throughout the years he grew to deeply appreciate modern painters like Paul Klee and Nicolas De Stael, art collectives like the Fauves and The Society of Six, and various outsider artists like Joseph Yoakum and Anna Zemankova. All of these influence what Carpenter does with paint and the waiting surface. His paintings, with their playful use of color, can be viewed as either lyric
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