Lina Tharsing

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Hometown:Lexington, Kentucky
Current City:Lexington, KY
Education:BFA, University Of Kentucky
Medium:Mixed Media, Painting
Exhibitions:Making A New Forest, 2013, Poem 88, Atlanta, GA
Making A New Forest, 2013, University Of Kentucky, Chandler B Hospital
Natural History II, 2011, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Natural History, 2011, Institute 193, Lexington, Kentucky
The Seen And The Imagined, 2008, Montgomery County Arts Council, Mt. Sterling, KY
Artist Statement:
These paintings seek a precise moment in time when the lines of fiction and reality intersect. At that instant anything is possible. The traditional limits of belief and understanding are called into question and replaced with a deliberately composed tension of multiple truths. The viewer of these works is asked not to study the individual painted figures, animals, or props but to look through a window onto other worlds and landscapes, across place and time, and to find their own truths.

Lina Tharsing is a Kentucky-based artist whose work has been shown across the Southeastern United States. She has been featured in Whitehot Magazine and RadioLab's blog. In 2012, she was named a superstar of Southern art by Oxford American.
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