Derrick Meads

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Hometown:Adrian, MI
Current City:Lexington, KY
Education:MFA, Cornell University
Medium:Mixed Media
Exhibitions:Compass, 2013, Orange County Center For Contemporary Art
NURTUREart Annual Benefit, 2013, Ernarducci Meisel Gallery
Price Is Right, 2013, David Lusk Gallery
Artist Statement:
I carve words into cherry that they might continuously bear fruit. Like the Sumerian votive figures these objects are meant to unceasingly pray for the wellbeing of others.

Art provided a path through my rocky adolescence to higher education. I received a BFA from Grand Valley State University in 1997, and an MFA from Cornell University in 2002.

My early work was about perception; the strangeness underlying the known. This led me to various religious and philosophical practices. The strongest influence being Mahayana Buddhism’s views of identity, and generosity.

The practice of dedicating one’s life to helping others – the Bodhisattva Vow – created a challenge to my work as an artist.

This work is my solution to the challenge of creating art while honoring my vow.
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