Manuele Parati

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Hometown:Crema, IT
Current City:Cremona, IT
Education:MFA, Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera, Milano
Medium:Drawing, Sculpture
Exhibitions:Memorie Future, 2013, Museo S . Domenico, Crema, Italia
Biennale Di Soncino, 2011, Soncino, Italia
Salon 1°, 2006, Museo La Permanente Milano
Wild, 2010, Castelleone, Italia
Artist Statement:
The representation of hybrid animals becomes propitiatory, in order to exorcise the violent component, then pure bestiality which manifests itself on human instinct. As always, in human history, there is the need to build idols and fetishes to be loaded with meaning, and indicate how to worship idols or stalk, depending on the features.
In sculptures, we see the exact moment when civilization an instinct coexist

Born in Crema, Italy in 1984.
I began studyng Art in Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milano in the sculpture section.
Founder and tutor of technical courses ans special materials of sculpture for Art school.
Parallel to artistic production work in the sector of restoration, marble sculpture and design
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