Margherita Martinelli

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Hometown:Crema, Italy
Current City:Milan, Italy
Education:MFA, Brera Academy Of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy. (first Class Honours)
Medium:Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Exhibitions:WASABI, 2018, Fondazione San Domenico, Crema. Italy
20, 2017, Ghiggini Gallery, Varese. Italy
ARTIST COLLECTIVE, 2016, Barsky Gallery. New York, USA
JOURNEY, 2015, Museo Civico, Crema. Italy
Artist Statement:
All my works tell a story about a physical or mental journey. Each of them refers to someone relaxing their mind and body and then falling into a dreamless sleep, from which thought is generated. The fundamental themes of my paintings are represented by symbols: flamingos, dragonflies, ships, mermaids... Everything is connected to the idea of travel, of migration. My work tells about memories, about present and future, all of them living together in a single temporal dimension.

I was born in Crema, Italy. After studying at the Artistic Lyceum 'Bruno Munari', I graduated in 2005 at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan with a first class honour. I worked as a Tutor on an ornamental plastic and sculpture course at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where I assisted sculptor Guido Lodigiani. Following a period spent in Tokyo, I developed a passion for Japanese traditional painting which would strongly influence my artistic path.
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