Cody Hughes

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Hometown:Simsbury, Connecticut
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, Pratt Institute
Medium:Drawing, Sculpture
Artist Statement:
I have always been a little love sick of the past. I dream in black and white, fixated on the intimacy of the hand-built, the ringing of the shift bell, and the endless rows of factory windows. Over saturated and over simulated, I live in a world of extreme specificity, calculated design, and complex interfaces. I work in order to make sense of this specificity; deconstructing function while using craft and the history of building to create nonmachines.

My name is Cody Hughes, I am a sculptor who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. I received a BFA in sculpture at Pratt Institute. SInce my time in school I have been adjusting and editing my work, given the change in circumstances. I have worked as an assistant for a couple established artists; however I currently work at a high end crating and art handling company in Greenpoint. Aside from my full time job I also am a member of the Board of Trustees at Pratt Institute as well as a food delivery rider in Bushwick. Working from a home studio, i manage to find time to explode my artistic endeavors.
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