Riffel Christian

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January, 2015
Hometown:Buenos Aires, AR
Current City:Buenos Aires, AR
Education:BFA, University Of Buenos Aires
Exhibitions:Prisma, 2014, Dinamica Gallery
Fuerza, 2013, Honneycomb Gallery
Thel Talking Wall Of Buenos Aires, 2013, The Fridge, 516 Gallery
Pop Up Galleries, 2012, House Of The Art Red Bull
The Talking Wall Of Buenos Aires, 2012, London New Castle Gallery
Artist Statement:
The abstract work of Christian Riffel bases on the dialogue between the physical and psychological human being and its different interpretations of life. His aim is to idealize these distortions trough geometric compositions with a clear search in the use of saturation and color. The objective of his work seems to be the expression of these different states of mind trough the space, creating in this way a strong objectification in the angels of his work.

Born in 1982 in Argentina. By the end of 1998 he starts his artistic career making himself known in street art in Buenos Aires. After studying graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires, in 2007 he decides to quit working in graphic design and to dedicate himself entirely to his artistic career.
To extend his horizon and deepen his knowledge, he starts teaching workshops in universities and institutions with the purpose to secure his vision and sensibility towards art. From 2008 on he painted murals and exposed his work in various festivals and shows in Europe and America thus he gained international recognition.
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