Anthony Heinz May

  • 1976
  • Views

Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:MFA, Pratt Institute
BFA, Oregon State University
Medium:Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture
Exhibitions:Common Demoninator, 2016, NYCDOT Community Commissions - (Inwood) Manhattan, NY
Progress > (Product), 2016, CSI Tree Project Jackson Park Chicago, IL
Persieverrance, 2016, NOMAA Evolving Terrain Fort Tryon Park Manhattan, NY
Cultus Ehkáhnam, 2015, ACLO Lake Oswego, OR
Txiti Hìtkuk, 2014, First Street Green Park Manhattan, NY
Artist Statement:
In a world inundated with maelstroms of the artificial, human beings become less interested in physical reality. Technology produces ever-widening gaping holes in human consciousness, contributing to overpopulation, starvation and makeshift economic models that further perpetuate the oppression born from them. The origins of dehumanization do not come from the relationships humans hold with each other, but the relationships humans hold with Earth.

As a native Oregonian relocated to New York City I am interested in relationships humans hold with natural environments: Nature has become a long lost tradition of human experience. Supplanted by present day surges of artificiality, nature has lost most all meaning in reference to progression. This process is alarmingly expedited as technology impedes more into every aspect of human existence, no longer in facilitation of human survival but to perpetuate planned obsolescence. I use this farce of human progression to expose how detrimental this process is to sustainable, fragile balances of all life existences on Earth -- including humans.
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