Albert Gray

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Hometown:Norwich, Connecticut
Current City:Brooklyn, NY
Education:BFA, Montserrat College Of Art
Medium:Digital, Drawing, Painting, Sound
Exhibitions:You Call That Art?, 2013, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Coluumbus OH
Salon Show, 2012, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn NY
I Just Work Here (solo Show), 2011, Feeding Tube Records, Northamton MA
Artist Statement:
Using digital collage, broad image searches, and maintaining an emphasis on my immediate surroundings, I'm finding paint to be an avenue for synthesizing the worlds of pop culture (past and present) with seemingly mundane moments of American life. The subjects I choose to depict are more often than not by way of intercepting them through social media or in situations of idle time. The elements of chance and humor through Internet image searches allows them to inhabit other familiar worlds.

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